Ottertail Lake {3}

Here is the final installment of photos from our visit to Ottertail Lake.  First up, we encountered many of these dragonflies resting on the Horsetail rushes (equisetum) along the path while out on a walk in the cool morning air.

Early on our first morning on Ottertail Lake, there was an amazing lightning storm across the lake.  It’s always fun to watch a storm like this from a safe distance.

The view of the dock under various weather conditions – and we pretty much got it all!

One day we went to a local farm to check out plants, veggies and spent some time with the two black kittens.  Guess who wanted to take one home?!



Lots of pretty flowers and trees to be seen in the area…

I’ll end with sunset photos, always amazing to have these views at the end of the day!