Jen & Chris {engaged}

I first met Jen & Chris at his sister’s wedding in 2011.  That wedding was great, so needless to say I was pretty excited when they contacted me to do the photography for their wedding!

We met up at the Mill City Museum (where they’re getting married) to talk through a few details and then headed over to the Guthrie Theater to get some engagement photos of the two of them.

They’ve got a great sense of humor, are relaxed and comfortable around each other and the smiles show the love.  I’m looking forward to their wedding!

Madeline & Richard {University Club of St Paul wedding}

Madeline and Richard’s wedding was a simple yet elegant affair that brought together elements of their lives in the United Kingdom and the Twin Cities.  The University Club of St Paul was the perfect venue, its character plus a bit of rain made the wedding feel like it could have been in the English countryside instead of St Paul.  The amazing smiles and great love along with the support from family and friends made this a great wedding to witness and photograph.

“When we began planning our wedding the guiding principal was that we wouldn’t be beholden to tradition for tradition’s sake – every part of the day had to mean something special to both of us. As such we cherry-picked our favourite parts of weddings either side of the pond. Madeline especially wanted the ladies to wear hats, a British tradition, and Richard wanted the men to wear bow-ties, because bow-ties are cool. Despite living half way across the world, Madeline found her wedding dress in Andrea’s Vintage Bridal Shop in Minneapolis.”

“Music is important to both of us. Richard loves movies and Madeline loves Jane Austen, so “My Father’s Favourite” from Sense and Sensibility, was played by Richard’s cousin as Madeline entered, and the Throne Room music from Star Wars played as the newlyweds recessed.”

“We met in the Munich airport. Richard had been visiting friends, Madeline travelling after studying in Spain. We sat together on the flight back to the UK and Richard offered to show Madeline around London. Madeline agreed, and the two spent a wonderful day together, visiting the sights and sharing many hours of laughter.”

“In honour of our meeting in an airport, and the inordinate amount of time we have spent travelling in airplanes to see each other, we picked “Come Fly With Me” for our first dance. The band (Metro Retro) played wonderfully and were certainly much appreciated by the guests throughout the evening.”