Tam & Mike {Walker Art Center Wedding}

Tam & Mike are a really sweet couple, they’re both very personable and thoughtful and this carried from their planning into to their wedding day celebration. The wedding day was full of great atmosphere and energy and included family and friends in all parts of their day.

Tam & Mike’s wedding and reception were both held at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. Before their wedding, Tam and Mike held a ketubah ceremony with a small group of family and friends in the intimate space of the Gather lounge.

Their wedding ceremony was in the spacious Skyline room, with the light studded backdrop of Minneapolis behind the huppah (made by the groom’s mother).

The cocktail hour and reception were social affairs, with room set ups designed for family and guests to socialize and to dance! There was a fabulous klezmer band and lots and lots of dancing!

Congratulations you two!

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