Jenni & Dennis {engaged)

Being in front of a pro photographer’s camera can be intimidating for many people (including myself).  Engagement sessions are a great way for me and a couple to get used to working together and to figure out what works best for everyone.

During Jenni & Dennis’ session I was reminded how important “play” is for helping to relax in front of the camera.  It’s about finding out what kind of fun or play works for each couple.  In Jenni and Dennis’ case, stumbling on a hilariously out-of-place photoshoot of a woman and man with a large bow and arrow provided all the comic relief we needed.

We ended up with tons of great photos from our walk through Wirth Park.   See if you can tell which photos were taken after we came upon the bow and arrow scene.   Bottom line, I can’t wait to photograph their wedding – it’s going to be fun!