Alison & Chris {Columbus Park Refectory, Chicago Wedding}

I’ve known Alison for a long time, so I was pretty excited when she and Chris decided to hire me as their photographer.  This meant I would be able to both photograph and support them on their wedding day.

Here’s what Alison had to say about their wedding day: “Our wedding day was terrific!  We found the perfect venue that was in the city and surrounded by nature with a pond and woods.  The day was a celebration where everyone had a fabulous time and supported Chris and I as we began our married life together.  There were great people, music, food and drinks.  Everyone was so happy and the whole day was filled with love and laughter!”

Over the years I’ve seen lots of YouTube videos being queued up by guys getting ready, but this was my first with the tie app.  I like it!

I’ve known Cita (the dog) for a long time as well.  She’s getting older and howled a few times once Alison got her dress on.  Cita kept her feisty side at bay while she was walked down the aisle by the flower girl.

The Columbus Park Refectory was built in the early 1900’s, and the site is a wonderful example of Prairie-style landscape architecture.  The building is a gorgeous and the many porticos, arches and terra cotta features show a Spanish influence on the design.  In short, a gorgeous indoor and outdoor space for a wedding!

“We kept the event pretty simple with black dresses, each different and individually chosen by the bridesmaids and black suits for the guys.  We added the colors of fall with beautiful flowers of orange, red and yellow.  The guys wore bright, fun orange patterned ties and cool argyle socks to match.  The bridesmaids – these awesome ladies wore homemade necklaces that added some of my favorite colors including orange, red and turquoise.  I wore a long flowing ivory dress, white flowers in my hair and a simple one pearl necklace. My groom wore a black suit, orange tie, black vest, orange argyle sock and cuff links made of old typewriter keys.”

I love this venue – gorgeous!

This was my second wedding of the summer that featured a full moon, such a great addition to this location and wedding day.

“We were surrounded with wonderful family and many of our closest friends. The day was fun, beautiful and filled with complete happiness.”

Congratulations Alison and Chris and thanks for having me as a part of your wedding day!